Maps, climate and information to arrive and move in the surrounding area of La Serena and Patagonia South


The climate is characterized for being moderated semiarid, influenced by the closeness of the Buenos Aires lake and by the air currents of the Pacific Ocean, for what it turns out to be hotter than other zones of the Patagonia.

It has long summer days, excellent temperatures, high solar radiation and low relative moisture.

The average monthly temperatures range between 2.5°C (June) and 14.9 °C (January). The registered minimum is about (-11.6 °C) in July and the maximum the 31.1°C in February.

The precipitations center in the period autumn - winter. The average of rains is 192 mm per year, being this value quite variable.

The most windy months are August, September and October with an average speed of 5.3 Km/h and a maximum average of 52.2 Km/h. The domineering winds come from the NNW and SSW.

How to get to La Serena

The following ways are possible to arrive to La Serena:

• Air Route to Comodoro Rivadavia and Bus:

It is possible to come by Plane (Aerolineas Argentinas) to Comodoro Rivadavia and then take a Bus in the direction to Los Antiguos. After passing the village of Perito Moreno, 15 minutes away, you will find the entry gate to the ranch. (Remember to warn the driver in Perito Moreno that you will get down in La Serena). If you warn us we will wait for you in the entrance.

• Air Route and particular transfer :
If you warn us in advance, the number of flight, a particular vehicle will be able to go to look for you to the airport and to take you directly to La Serena.

• Air Route to Perito Moreno :
The opening of an Airport is programmed in the city of Perito Moreno for end of the year 2004. After existing this possibility and warning with precedence your number of flight, we will be able to look for you in the airport.

• With own vehicle :
From the city of Perito Moreno, intersection of route 40 and 43, taking the route 43 , 29 km to the West, direction to Los Antiguos.
Or acceding from Chile by the Paso Chile-Chico- Los Antiguos, 30 Km from the latter direction to Perito Moreno

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