At the Andes Mountains feet
and the Buenos Aires lake shore,
you will find a place to feel
the nature at its best expression.
Welcome to La Serena Patagonia Farm.


"La Serena", a tourist farm conformed in the immense lago Buenos Aires frame, the second biggest lake in South America, and the nature that distinguish the Argentine Patagonia.

It’s the front door to the very well known "Patagonia Sur", where lakes, rivers, plateaus, mountains, culture and history get together.

Located in the province of Santa Cruz, on 43 road at 15 minutes from the city of Perito Moreno on the way to "Los Antiguos".

It has the plateau enchantments as its background, and the pleasure of discovering every corner, reaching the endless volcanic stones beach, which gets confused in the horizon with the turquoise color of the lake and the snowed picks of “Cordillera de Los Andes".

"La Serena" is the starting point of different excursions, such as: the visit to the "Cuevas de las Manos", running over the way to "Monte Zeballos", route 40, "Los Antiguos", and the obliged visit around the fine fruits farms, until you cross the argentine frontier and confine in the neighbor country of Chile. To many people, the beginning of an adventured trip.

Its beauty enchantment allows the development of different activities: horse riding, trekking, fauna watching, mountain bike, photography, meditation, and the fishing of the very famous 4 kg trouts.

A land that recall history and forgotten dreams.


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