Since1988 La Serena receive travelers from all around the world seaking for an untached land where nature and sceneries live the visitor without words.


The ranch Estancia La Serena possesses the privilege of having inside its 1500 hectares, approximately 4 km of the lake Buenos Aires coast and the most impressive sights.

In this environment, the proyect was started by an European family lover of the nature and the sceneries of the South Patagonia. Being pioneers in tourism in ranchs, they constructed cabins with an ambience protected by curtains of poplars and trees of the zone. At that time, the only tourist ranch of the zone and an innovation in the Province of Santa Cruz.

A long the years they could provide an ambience protected from the winds, plantations of diverse fruit trees and an organic kitchen-garden; all this furrowed by irrigation channels making of this corner a green and productive place.

The rest of the extension of the ranch was preserved so you can find the native vegetation in its typically rural expression. At the present time, five women lovers of the Patagonia, re-open La Serena supporting the idea of continuing with the agro - tourist project initiated more than one decade ago.

After an intensive work of recovery and progress, in January, 2004 La Serena opened again its gates for the tourism in ranch receiving with great warmth the tourists lovers of the nature and of this beautiful corner of Planet.

La Serena is at the feet of the lake Buenos Aires and that means calmness and relaxation. Nevertheless, for those who like the activity, the 5 hostesses and proprietors of these rustic but comfortable cabins, offer trout and salmon fishing, photographic safaris, walks to the “cañadones”, the “Cordillera de los Andes” and the “bosque austral”, walks along the ranch sighting autochthonous birds and a kitchen sustained in organic own products from the ecological garden.

The circumstances that surround La Serena are special to program a trip that incorporates testimonies from the paleontological and archaeological perspective, up to the utilization of the natural resources.

It constitutes a place of great tourist attraction for the natural beauties that offers the Andean Patagonian scenery being able to carry out any of the activities associated with the principal attractions such as, the National Park "Perito Moreno", the cañadón of the "Rio Pinturas", the hill "San Lorenzo" and the lakes "Pueyrredón", "Posadas" and "Buenos Aires", ideal for fishing.

Rio Pinturas

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