Cueva de las Manos
have been declared by the UNESCO
" Cultural heritage of the Humanity"


These paintings that survived more than 10.000 years, on rocky walls, have the biggest protection on having been declared by the UNESCO Cultural heritage of the Humanity.

For the UNESCO this place personifies " the proof of the most ancient expression of the South American peoples ". It is located in the cañadón of the Rio Pinturas, 163 km to the south of Perito Moreno. It was occupied by groups of hunters from ends of the eighth millennium before Jesus Christ, that is to say from the early Holocene.

His pictorial manifestations, the geographical ambience that surrounds it and the archaeological deposits located in his surroundings, turn it into one of the more important places of rock paintings of the patagonia.

The biggest congregation of paintings are in the cave that has 24 m of depth, 15 m of breadth in the entry and 10 m of height around until the beginning of the visor. His flat presents a strong ascending slope towards the interior, where the height of the roof doesn't raise the 2 m.The eaves are formed by protrusions that protect the paintings from the wind and the Sun.

The "paredones", base of the rocky stack of the river "Pinturas", are practically vertical, having been used up to a height that ranges between 3 and 4 meters. It has three cultural levels, it is believed that they include from 7.370 B.C. to 1.000 of our age. Though this appreciation is relative, since the achievement of the paintings could have taken place in a brief space, in synchronous form or much distanced in the time.

Rio Pinturas

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