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The Buenos Aires lake presents very good conditions for fishing, having been obtained pieces of 2.5 and 8 kg. Apart of the majestic lake with its crystalline waters, it possesses a variety of places for fishing such as the "Arroyo las Chilcas" and the rivers Los Antiguos and Jeinimeni (international limit).

The species feasible of finding in this area are the Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Puyen, Perca, Salmones del Pacifico, Pejerrey Patagónico and Bagre Aterciopelado.

On October 29 of every year, the discovery of the lake by the Captain of Frigate Carlos M. Moyano is celebrated, and a series of activities are held including the contest of fishing sports.

Horse ridding to the Plateau of the Lake Buenos Aires: From La Serena we move in van up to the base of the plateau. There, as soon as the horses are prepared we will ascend accompanied by a guide up to the Plateau of the Lake Buenos Aires. From there you will have a sight of the majestic Lake and the singularity of the plateau.

Activities for a daytime :

1. Lake Buenos Aires - Carreras: Visit to Los Antiguos , looking at the farms and their production of fine fruits. Then crossing to Chile and having lunch in Chile Chico.

2. Camino del Monte Zeballos. A way to penetrate into the Precordillera Argentina. Going out of LA SERENA towards the Mountain chain of The Andes, from Los Antiguos, it begins a way to the South that will border the Monte Zeballos crossing scenery of forms, colors and unforgettable purity. This way can be continued up to the Paso Roballos and after the Lagos Posadas and Pueyrredon. This jaunt demands one day up to the Lake taking the necessary time to enjoy the scenery, to shoot photos and to do the desired pauses.

3. Jaunt to Cueva de las Manos: this jaunt can be done by Monte Zeballos or by Route 40 to Bajo Caracoles. These rock paintings placed in the incredible scenery of the Cañadón of the Rio Pinturas, represent hands painted in negative, hunting scenes and geometric drawings, among others.

4. Jaunt to Cueva de las Manos by Estancia Los Toldos: another way of acceding to the Cueva de las Manos is by the Ea. Los Toldos. This means coming to the Cañadón of the Rio Pinturas by the opposite margin of the Cueva de las Manos. From there a walk begins descending to the valley of the river and after crossing the river you ascend the other margin to accede to the Caves.

For the lovers of the fauna it is possible to go out for a walk or horse ridding in La Serena to find many possibilities of bird watching and others. Principally a nearby lagoon at which every year dozens of flamencos arrive painting it with a dazzling pink color.

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